December 7, 2017

Customer Reviews

” These guys are great, we love the soft water. Thanks for everything.”

Josh Gorton


“I recommend any and all people to invest in this water system as I believe it is a major essential for overall general health. I can’t live without this system.”

Leo Falletta


“I love the ERO (Eagle Reverse Osmosis) drinking station and the way it transforms for coffee and tea. I also love the service that you are giving me.”

Thank you very much,

Remy Feliatas


RE: Water System

I have had the water system now for about a year and my kids and I love it

I can definitely see the difference when I cook or make hot beverages. Guests love the ease of it when they come over and it’s very convenient.

Beyond having the system in my house, the personnel at Eagle have been so professional and friendly and I am all about customer service.

Thanks for having such a great product and helping to improve our quality of life.

Laura Josephs

Brampton, ON



I have had my Eagle Water softener system for 2 years now. I must say that the system has worked very well for me and my family over the last 2 years. The satisfaction of  knowing that we are rid of the hard water and the sand that we were ingesting is very comforting. Chris, who is a man from Eagle, has been very good and prompt with the servicing etc.

All in all I would recommend Chris and Eagle Water softening systems to anybody, this product is good.

Jeffrey H. Nasseir, PMP